The HYLUS Process

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality products in the market. Here's how me make sure you'll be 100% satisfied with your HYLUS art piece:

Step 1

We take multiple PMMA Plexiglass® plates (commonly used in places where shatter-proof glass or windows are required) and process them by a numerical control machine with a diamond cutter, to get a skateboard shape.

Step 2

Once the layers are finely cut, we apply them all together to get a layered Plexiglass® skateboard, and smooth the edges using sandpaper.

Step 3

Then, using a hot folding technique we process the glass with a pressure machine to achieve the rounded effect on both ends.

Step 4

Next, we polish the glass skateboard once again, using a hand operated blowtorch to give the perfect shine and transparency.

Step 5

The Plexiglass® skateboard is almost finished - as a last step we use another specific machine to make the product sparkle like a diamond.

We ship all skateboards with everything needed to mount them on your wall. Our mounts use a technique specific only to HYLUS, which we call ‘Ghost Mounting’ - this method is an almost invisible way to mount your HYLUS skateboard on your wall. Click here for a handy guide on how to hang yours.

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